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The Phoenix Studio

The Phoenix Studio is a large 10x10x10 M studio with 100% green surround with the option of 50% blue or black. Stage sets can be erected and brought in through external doors.

Phoenix Studio in use

The studio has 3 tapeless Panasonic cameras at the moment, the HVX-200 and 2 HVX-500’s which use solid state P2 cards to transfer data.

HVX 500   P2 Card

In addition to the cloth based coloured screens we have a small portable LED Blue Screen set up by ReflecMedia.com

Reflecmedia   Lite Ring

Chromatte fabric is designed to work in conjunction with a LiteRing. The LiteRing features Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that are arranged in a circular casing that is positioned in front of the camera lens. This provides all the light required to illuminate the Chromatte background for chroma key production.

The Phoenix Studio is primarily used for commercial purposes but staff and students are able to use the facility when it is not being used externally.